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  8. You, the client, are responsible for keeping all contact information current and up-to-date (yours & beneficiary(ies)).
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  13. If it is determined that you, the client, are not 18 years of age or older, the account will be deleted from the system and all of their information will be purged.
  14. If it is determined that your beneficiary is not 18 years of age or older, said beneficiary will be deleted from the client’s account and you, the client, will be notified that you have 5 business days to update your account to add a beneficiary aged 18 years or older or your account will be deleted and all of your information will be purged from the system. (The 5 business days will begin the following business day that the notification is sent out. Business day is any day Monday – Friday excluding any and all national holidays. The end of this 5-business day period will be at 11:59pm EST on the day as outlined above.)
  15. If you, the client, have multiple beneficiaries and it is determined that one of said beneficiaries is not 18 or older, said beneficiary will be deleted from the client’s account. We will then notify you, the client, of this action, but no further action will be necessary on your part (you will have the option of changing your beneficiary(ies) at any time).
  16. The refund policy stated will be in effect if any of the actions in the above 3 paragraphs take place as the system will not accept a client or beneficiary that is not aged 18 years or older, hence, no refunds will be given at all.
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