Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service work?

Simply, you put all pertinent information that your loved one’s would need to know about in a private document that only you or designated persons will have access.  When needed, we will send out the information in a comprehensive report to your chosen beneficiary(ies).

Who does this service benefit?

There are a great many people and circumstances that this service will benefit.  Please see the “Did You Know Page” for a comprehensive list of those who this would be beneficial for.


Is this service available worldwide?

At this time, our service is only available to those living in the U.S.A. (the lower 48 continuous states along with Alaska, Hawaii, & Washington D.C.)

How much does this service cost?

The pricing structure is as follows: Standard Pricing is $85/year/person;  Group Pricing is $50/year/person with a minimum of 10 people signing up as a group (see pricing details for terms & conditions);  First Responders (active & retired) & Military (active & retired) – $35/year/person (see pricing details for terms & conditions). 


How do I contact This Should Help?

Please contact the appropriate person you are looking for using any of the methods on our “Contact Us” page.

How is my personal information handled by This Should Help?

Please refer to our “Privacy Policy” page for this.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept all major credit cards.

Is it safe to be providing you with all of this pertinent information?

Yes.  Our website provides an encryption process to protect your data while being transferred.  Another thing to note is that we have gone to great lengths to compile a comprehensive list of pertinent information which is minimally identifiable to you (as you will see while you’re inputting all of your information).

Are annual memberships pro-rated?

No.  Annual memberships are for a 12 month period from the day you sign up.

How do I cancel my account.

You may contact us using the methods on our “Contact Us” page to let us know that you would like to cancel your membership.  After a brief conversation with you (just to verify that you are who you say you are), we will terminate your account and purge all of your information.  There will be no refunds given under any circumstances.