Who would this service benefit ?

Alcoholics/Drug Users

This Should Help urges anyone who is experiencing issues with substance abuse/addiction to call the number above 24/7/365

People Who Have Affairs

Those who may have different types of assets / liabilities that their beneficiary didn’t know about but should know about in case of an early demise.

Elderly People

Many times people have many accounts that might not have used and don’t want to forget about it. Putting all this information in one place makes things easier for all.  

People Who Have A Family History of Health Problems

Especially those that have lead to an early demise.

People Who Contemplate Suicide

This Should Help urges anyone who is considering suicide to call the number above.

Military Personnel

Active and Retired.  

First Responders

People With Secrets

Those who keep certain types of information from their beneficiary who need to know about it in case of early demise.

Personal Tragedy

If your time on this Earth came to an abrupt & unexpected end, would your family members, loved ones, & friends know where to find your important documents & pertinent information?  Even though we don’t want to face the possibilities, bad things can happen … AND THEY DO!